Stay Compliant - Stay in Business

dmetrain will help you on your way to compliance

It's not just HIPAA Compliance and OSHA Compliance that impacts your business.

Organizations are rarely aware of the number of organizations that affect and regulate the home medical, home health, and pharmacy industries. At the federal level, organizations are impacted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Labor, the Office of Civil Responsibility, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Your compliance training program should meet the requirements of all these organizations.

dmetrain monitors regulatory organizations that impact medical equipment companies. Courses on dmetrain are generated dynamically, they adjust instantly to the user. dmetrain is the only employee training system that customizes courses for each employee. Our courses are adjusted to keep your company in compliance with all federal and accrediting body laws and regulations.

The home care industry is under scrutiny by legislative bodies seeking to reduce costs, and limit fraud and abuse. The number of regulations and restrictions will increase. dmetrain monitors all the agencies affecting the industry and adjusts courses and curricula to keep employees provided with timely and relevant information. Compliance is not an option. Compliance must be maintained and dmetrain is the only employee training system to offer tailored content to keep each organization compliant.